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Wyss Technology Development Fellowship

The Wyss Institute invites nominations for Wyss Technology Development Fellowships in Biologically Inspired Engineering. The Wyss Institute seeks to discover, recruit, encourage, and retain individuals of outstanding talent and technical skills who can help advance the Institute's Enabling Technology Platforms, and to provide them with the opportunity to be mentored in bioinspired technology development and translation. Fellows will be co-mentored by members of the Institute Faculty and the Advanced Technology Team. Fellows are selected on the basis of their academic achievement and demonstrated interest and postdoctoral experience in technology development, as well as their past or planned involvement and participation in projects within the Institute community. The Fellowships are intended for brilliant young women and men of great promise with outstanding technical expertise who have completed their doctoral degree within the last five years.

The Institute will provide the Fellow with an annual stipend of $65,000 and a research fund of $10,000 per annum. The Fellow also will be able to access all of the Platforms, facilities, equipment, and staff of the Institute at no cost for their Institute-related research and development activities. Fellowships are awarded for up to three years.

The Wyss Institute currently welcomes nominations for fellows for all of its Platforms. Download the nomination form and submit to

Although Wyss Technology Development Fellows will be granted more independence and a greater emphasis on technology creation and translation than other postdocs on campus, they can benefit from the role of an Institute Core Faculty and member of the Advanced Technology Team who will serve as co-mentors. The Wyss Institute expects these mentors to help in the following ways:

  • Integrate the Wyss Technology Development Fellow within their research and development teams, within Wyss Enabling Technology Platforms or related application-specific projects.
  • Mentor the Fellow in all key areas that are critical for success, including research in science and engineering, technology development, intellectual property protection, written and oral communications, as well as preparation of competitive grant proposals for both government agencies and industrial sponsors.
  • Faculty should ensure that the Fellow is included on academic departmental rosters, picture boards for postdocs, and receives appropriate safety training at the Institute and in their academic departments.

NOMINATIONS should include the following information:

A fully completed Wyss Technology Development Fellow Nomination Form with all required contacts, training, and demographic information, one supporting letter from the nominator, and two additional supporting letters as listed below:

  1. A nomination letter from a Wyss Institute Core or Associate faculty member who will serve as the faculty mentor, assessing the nominee's promise in the area of technology development. The letter should include a comparison of the candidate’s skills in relations to others’ at a similar stage in their career and a brief description of why the candidate can contribute significantly to the advancement of a Wyss Institute Enabling Technology Platform or a related application-specific research program in Bioinspired Engineering. The letter should also describe the relevance of the candidate's proposed research to the Institute's mission and to the Enabling Technology Platform(s) that is intended to advance.
  2. A letter of support from a current senior member of the Wyss Advanced Technology Team who has agreed to serve as co-mentor of the fellow.
  3. A letter of recommendation from the doctoral advisor of the nominated candidate, or from other scientists or engineers who mentored, supervised or collaborated with the candidate in a research setting.


Download the nomination form...

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