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Turning lab innovations into high-impact products

The Wyss Motion Capture Lab allows capture of human, animal, and robotic motion in a three-dimensional space. It is used to advance the development of assistive medical devices and new diagnostics, as well as to enhance the design of our surrounding environment.

Breakthrough discoveries cannot change the world if they never leave the lab. That is why creating a rich technology pipeline is only the beginning at the Wyss Institute. Equally important is translating breakthroughs into market-ready products and devices that have high-impact applications.

We translate our most promising ideas into transformative products by developing a unique partnership between an experienced in-house business development team, faculty inventors, and expert technical staff with industrial product development experience. These teams de-risk technologies both technically and commercially to facilitate their translation into products through corporate alliances or new startups.

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We've won a Webby Award!

Wyss Institute is proud to announce our win in the 2012
Webby Awards in the Science category.