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Interactive Features

This interactive animation explores how Wyss researchers add, delete, and replace DNA sequences at specific target locations within the cellular genome. Narrated by George Church.
DNA Origami Molecular Origami
Build virtual nano structures by sequencing a simple, abstract representation of a DNA (or RNA) molecule and then allowing it to self assemble. You can build structures of your own design, or build and modify pre-set shapes.
Explore Tree
The phylogenetic tree of life in interactive form, created by Madeleine Ball of the Church Lab.
Augmented Reality: Spinning Form
Play with a 3D hologram of DNA Origami, created by Wyss Technology Development Fellow Shawn Douglas.
Tensegrity in a cell
For more than three decades, Don Ingber has explored and substantiated the notion that living cells are tensegrity structures – structures that stabilize themselves by balancing tension and compression. With this feature, find out what tensegrity is all about by controlling a cell's internal structural elements.
Ingber's egg analogy
Don Ingber often uses simple analogies in his lectures to explain how tissues form and how diseases develop. In this Flash presentation, he uses eggs in a carton to illustrate how cells in our tissues behave during wound healing and tumor formation.
We've won a Webby Award!

Wyss Institute is a winner of the 2012 Webby Awards in the Science category.