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Machine Shop / 3D Prototyping Core


Materials characterization equipment

The Wyss Institute Machine Shop / 3D prototyping Core integrates a unique set of capabilities created to support the engineering needs of all Institute platforms. Our prototyping capabilities span work done from the micro scale to the macro scale, from traditional machine tools to state-of-the-art computerized machining centers, laser cutter and 3D printers.

The Core's capabilities include six Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling centers (one of which is a five-axis micro-milling machine), two 3D printers, a waterjet cutter, and a laser cutter.

The Core has two full time machinists with experience in both industrial and academic machine shops, creating prototypes for varied applications. In addition to fabrication, these experts help researchers during the design phase, enabling development from a simple concept into real prototypes.




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