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Organs-on-chips at TEDx Boston

TEDx Boston, Wyss Team

A cross-disciplinary team of researchers at the Wyss Institute, led by Founding Director Don Ingber, is mimicking life-threatening conditions in microchips the size of memory sticks that are lined by living human cells. Each "organ-on-a-chip" can be used to study drug toxicity, identify potential new disease therapies, and approach clinical trials in a whole new way—without the need for animal testing. Senior Staff Scientist Geraldine Hamilton shared the story of this game-changer ("Our Future, now") on June 25th at TEDx Boston, where the Institute also hosted an exhibit so attendees could see the organs-on-chips up close.

TEDx Boston, Wyss Team

In addition to Hamilton, the team at the event included:

  • Jon Didier, Chemistry
  • Jose Fernandez-Alcon, Software Engineering
  • Jake Fraser, Cell Biology
  • Tiama Hamkins-Indik, Engineering
  • Chris Hinojosa, Microfluidics
  • Danny Levner, Engineering
  • Ali Poyan Mehr, Clinician
  • Josh Resnikoff, Bioengineering
  • Guy Thompson, Mechanical Engineering
  • Remi Villenave, Virology
  • Norman Wen, Engineering
  • James Coon, Entrepreneur-in-Residence



Watch on TEDx Boston:
Your body in a microchip: Geraldine Hamilton

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