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Positions at the Wyss

Featured Position: Research Project Coordinator



Manages the workflow of projects, coordinates sponsor progress reports and communications for a complex portfolio of research funds, oversees tracking of laboratory expenses, sets agenda for laboratory meetings, prepares manuscript submissions and coordinates new hire process for laboratory.

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The Wyss Institute currently has openings in the following areas:

Advanced Technology Team Positions

Staff Software Interface Engineer
Develops user interfaces and accompanying wireless communication protocols for the control of soft wearable robotic systems through mobile devices. [32620BR]

Staff Scientist -- 3D Bioprinting
Contributes to the design, development and fabrication of various tissue constructs and medical devices using 3D printing, prepares demonstration prototypes, internal reports and patent applications. [32167BR]

Staff Electromechanical Engineer -- Actuators and Transmission Systems
Develops design specifications for actuation and transmission components for various wearable robot embodiments, creates technical drawings/sketches and representations of conceptual and detailed designs, optimizes electromechanical design concepts, conducts lab research, collects and documents feedback. [34597BR]

Staff Electromechanical Engineer
Assists in the development of design specifications for actuation and transmission components for various wearable robot embodiments; creates technical drawings and representations of conceptual and detailed designs so that they can be shared with team members and outside vendors; tests systems on bench top models and during lab-based and field-based human subject experiments; collects and documents feedback; contributes in the preparation of demonstration prototypes and internal reports, patent applications and presentations. [33423BR]

Research Scientist -- Clinical Biomechanics
Provides clinical expertise to evaluate soft wearable robotic systems from the biomechanics and physiological perspective, contributes to development and execution of gait analysis protocols, provides ongoing input on system performance based on clinical experience and knowledge of human healthy and pathological walking. [32756BR]

Research Support Positions

Research Assistant IV -- Materials Characterization
Measures physical and chemical characteristics of materials; develops and updates standard operating procedures; trains users on equipment and instrumentation; assists in studies involving a number of state-of-the-art processes and applications in chemistry. [34774BR]

Research Assistant III
Works on research projects involving rodent survival surgery, inoculations and post-operative care; oversees study animals; trains scientists and the technical staff in experimental models, development of protocols and techniques at the animal facility; executes in-vivo studies requiring bio-imaging and data analysis; participates in additional research and development activities. [35225BR]

Administration and Operations Positions

Senior Research Officer
Administers pre- and post-award aspects of a complex portfolio for interdisciplinary faculty whose funding sources range from NSF, DoD, DOE, NIH, ONR and other federal and private sources; Works closely with faculty to submit proposals, create budgets, authorize and approve expenditures, forecast financial scenarios, and make sound recommendations for spending plans. [35383BR]

Research Project Coordinator
Provides day-to-day guidance to PI and researchers on administrative matters; manages workflow of projects on behalf of PI; coordinates sponsor progress reports and communications for a complex portfolio of research funds; oversees tracking of laboratory expenses; sets agenda for laboratory meetings; manages PI calendar; prepares manuscript submissions; coordinates new hire process for laboratory. [35419BR]

Faculty Assistant
Provides support for a Junior Faculty member and general administrative support for other members of the Institute staff; schedules high-level interviews with faculty and management; maintains updated CVs and NIH biosketches; performs basic online research; prepares handouts for class and maintains Laboratory website and wiki; participates in grants planning and proposal development; prepares documents for article and journal submissions. Bachelor's degree preferred. [35158BR]

Sponsored Projects Coordinator
Supports all pre- and post-award functions; reconciles accounts; creates ADIs; drafts cost transfer requests; prepares payroll changes; drafts PI rights petitions; pulls audit documentation; manages and organizes the sponsored files according to record retention policies; assists with proposal preparation; assists with administrative tasks. [35226BR]

Digital Content Coordinator
Regularly updates and provides support for the Institute website and other digital media, deploys HTML emails and ensures effective outreach of digital story products, works with external vendors and internal IT and communications teams to oversee ongoing web maintenance. [34262BR]

Academic Positions

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
We welcome student and postdoc applications at all times. While the Wyss Institute is not an academic department, nor does it have a core educational component, we have created a unique interdisciplinary research environment. Undergraduates, graduate students, fellows, and young clinicians work at the Wyss Institute sites and are mentored by Core and Associate Faculty, and by members of the Advanced Technology Team. The interdisciplinary nature of the work, the organization of teams within Collaboratories, and the presence of outstanding faculty and staff, provide a truly trans-disciplinary environment, where students are trained in the emerging field of Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Wyss Technology Development Fellows
The Institute seeks to discover, recruit, encourage and retain individuals of outstanding talent and technical skills to help advance the Institute's Enabling Technology Platforms as Wyss Technology Development Fellows. The Fellowships are intended for brilliant young women and men of great promise with outstanding technical expertise who have completed their doctoral degree within the last five years.

Wyss Clinical Fellows
The Institute seeks to encourage and support outstanding young clinicians with background and interest in engineering or technology development who can help create new transformational bioinspired technologies, to solve unmet medical needs. The Clinical Fellowship is intended for clinical residents who have completed the third year of their clinical residency at one of our medical collaborating institutions and who seek to spend one or two years conducting research targeted towards medical applications.

Visiting Scholars
The Institute will provide support to a limited number of visiting scientists, engineers, designers or industrial experts from other institutions to carry out research and development at the Institute for limited periods of time. Visiting scholars require Wyss Faculty nomination.

Undergraduate Students
If you are an undergraduate student at Harvard and have interest in doing research at the Wyss Institute during the academic year, please contact an Institute faculty member directly. Wyss-funded summer research positions for undergraduates from any university to work at the Wyss will be advertised through the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science's REU program







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