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Industrial Partnerships

The Wyss Institute welcomes partners in industry who share our commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and high-quality research. These industrial partnerships play a central role in achieving our mission of translating lab discoveries into market-ready products and therapies that improve people’s lives and create a more sustainable world.

We seek to create alliances in which our many unique capabilities may be complemented by strong market expertise and presence, visionary leadership, and technological depth. The insights and innovations that result from these multi-faceted partnerships ensure that our development efforts are guided by and address real-world problems, needs, and applications.

Our corporate partners receive access to the interdisciplinary work of our world-renowned researchers and expert clinicians, operating under one roof, as well as to the cutting-edge resources of our Enabling Technology Platforms. For full engagement in our innovative community, our partners may also consider placing their own staff members on site as visiting scholars.

We work with each industrial partner to structure an alliance that enables effective collaboration among our whole community of faculty, technical staff, and clinicians from multiple institutions, while also offering the potential to minimize capital investment and reduce technology risk.

Venture capitalists and other early stage investors are also invited to contact us about collaboration opportunities. We have many lead technologies currently available for licensing or partnered development.

To obtain additional information, or learn more about our intellectual property portfolio, please contact:


Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies, Inc., the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in life sciences, chemical analysis, electronics, and communications, is working jointly with the Wyss Institute to develop innovative tools, technologies, and instruments that will advance human health and improve the environment. Under the multi-year agreement, Agilent is providing financial support, and unique tools and materials to support our Synthetic Biology, Programmable Nanomaterials, and Biomimetic Microsystems Platforms. Wyss Institute researchers leading this effort include Founding Director Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D., and core faculty members George Church, Ph.D.; James J. Collins, Ph.D.; and William Shih, Ph.D.

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AstraZeneca, a global, innovation-driven, integrated biopharmaceutical company, is collaborating with the Wyss Institute to apply advances in the development and validation of human Organs-on-Chips in the development of new animal versions. This effort is being led by core faculty member Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D.

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BASF, the world's largest chemical company, is collaborating with the Wyss Institute to explore the use of Multiplexed Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE) technology as a faster and cost-effective alternative to current metabolic engineering alternatives. The collaboration complements the Institute's ongoing efforts using MAGE in pharmaceutical and biofuel applications. The Wyss Institute researcher leading this effort is George Church, Ph.D.

K-Team Corporation

K-Team Corporation, a Swiss developer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-quality mobile robots, has licensed our Kilobot robotic technology for use in advanced education and research. K-Team robotics solutions are used in more than 600 universities and industrial research centers internationally. This effort is being led by Wyss Institute core faculty member Radhika Nagpal, Ph.D.

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Sony DADC is a leading disc and digital service provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services. Building on the company's experience in high-precision manufacturing, its mass production capability and supply chain expertise, Sony DADC's BioSciences division partners with life sciences and diagnostics companies, enabling the industrial manufacturing of smart consumables. Sony DADC's global set-up comprises production sites, distribution hubs, digital, and service facilities in 19 countries worldwide, including Japan, the US, and Europe. This effort is being led by core faculty member Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D.

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