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The unique model and organizational structure at the Wyss Institute enables and encourages in-house collaboration among individuals from a wide range of disciplines and institutions that bring diverse approaches and perspectives to the Wyss community.

At the Institute we reject the typical organizational structure in which subspecialties exist as independent work groups. Instead, we work in “collaboratories” that cut across disciplines and have project-specific focus, bringing diverse skill sets to bear on every research and development project.

In the Institute laboratories, teams of faculty, fellows and graduate students work side by side with scientists and engineers recruited from industry, clinicians, designers and artists. Integrated with business development professionals, and through close collaborations with government and industry, Institute researchers harness the power of synergy to spark serendipitous connections and unexpected breakthroughs that fuel our achievements.

Faculty & Leadership

The Wyss Institute was initially founded by establishing a Core Faculty composed of 14 faculty from Harvard and its partner institutions who are leaders in the emerging field of Biologically Inspired Engineering. Since then the Institute Core faculty has increased to 18 members. Eleven Associate Faculty have also joined from the Institute’s Partner Institutions as collaborators on specific projects. The entire Institute enterprise is managed and administered by our director and faculty leadership, with support from the Executive Team, who bring extensive management, financial, and corporate start-up experience into the Wyss community.

Technology & Business Development

The Institute’s Business Development and Technology Translation team works closely with Harvard’s Office of Technology Development to advance the Institute’s lead projects and technologies. Each member of the team works with faculty and the Institute’s Advanced Technology Team to bridge the gap between laboratory and commercial opportunity.

Students, Fellows & Scholars

The Institute’s unique interdisciplinary training environment provides the opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, fellows, and young clinicians to work along side Wyss Institute Core Faculty, Associate Faculty, and Advanced Technology Team members. The interdisciplinary nature of the work, the organization of teams within “collaboratories”, and the presence of outstanding faculty and staff provide a trans-disciplinary environment where students are trained in the emerging field of Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Administration & Operations

The Administration and Operations teams provide a responsive and integrated infrastructure that support the advancements of Wyss Institute Faculty and technical staff.


We've won a Webby Award!

Wyss Institute is proud to announce our win in the 2012
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