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Biotech Science: From Biology to Breakthroughs – a two day learning experience for the non-scientist


Biotech Science: From Biology to Breakthroughs

A two-day interactive learning opportunity for the non-scientist

Join the Boston Biomedical Innovation Center to engage with the world of biomedical innovation. The two-day course will facilitate your exploration of human biology and medicine – covering the spectrum of health, dysfunction, and disease.

A registration cost is associated with this professional development course. Please click on the Registration link for more information.

What you will learn:

The experience will lead you through four interconnected content modules built around specific disorders:

Module I: Structure and Organization

Disease focus: Congenital Heart Defect

Module II: Information Systems

Disease focus: Fragile-X Syndrome

Module III: Methods of Communication

Disease focus: Alzheimer’s Disease

Module IV: Energy and Maintenance

Disease focus: Type II Diabetes

In each module, you will use analogies to connect what you already know to what you will learn. By participating in team-based problem-solving activities, you will come away with a better understanding of how discoveries are translated into treatments and how scientists and clinicians tackle some of today’s big problems.

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