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Flexi-Mitts Study

Healthy Toddler Participants Needed to Help Develop New Diagnostic Technology for Premature Infants!

Researchers at The Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School are developing a device to assist in the early diagnosis of neurodevelopmental issues in infants born at a very low birth weight. The purpose of this research is to design and develop safe, stretchable, toddler-sized electronic gloves, called “flexi-mitts.”

During this research study, we may ask your toddler to wear a pair of flexible, stretchy “flexi-mitts” that are embedded with soft sensors to detect the ways in which toddlers move their hands and interact with objects during different types of play.

To help us create these gloves, we are inviting you and your toddler in for at least one study visit, so we can record data on how your toddler is using his/her hands during different types of play (with or without the gloves). The visit will last up to 1 hour in length, and you will receive one $50 gift card for each study visit you attend up to 11 visits per calendar year. Transportation via cab vouchers or parking passes may also be provided as needed.

Study visits will be photographed/video-recorded. The information gathered in this study will be used to develop a diagnostic tool for detecting neurodevelopmental issues in toddlers born at a very low birth weight. A scientific engineering review board and the Harvard Medical School Institutional Review Board (IRB) review all devices used in this study.

To be eligible, your toddler must:

  • Be between 13-36 months of age
  • Have been born at a healthy birth weight (more than 3.3lbs)
  • Have been born at full term (37 weeks or later)
  • Be in general healthy condition (no neurological or musculoskeletal disorders)

For more information or to participate, contact:, or 617-432-7704

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