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Microengineering Research Assistant III – Microengineering Instrumentation Technician

The Wyss Institute seeks a talented, creative, and enthusiastic individual to contribute to the design and development of novel high-throughput biological culture and analysis instrumentation systems critical for the discovery of novel therapeutics. The Microengineering Research Assistant III will work with a collaborative team of academic and industrial engineers and biologists on designing, prototyping, and scaling up cutting-edge technology for interacting with and analyzing biological culture systems in real-time. The position will primarily involve developing Python code to control instrumentation, perform image analysis, and build on existing bioinformatics and machine learning tools. A secondary role will involve hardware and system design and development, including optical and mechanical automation systems that will couple with control and analytical software.

The successful candidate will play a key role in the creative design process, hands-on hardware prototyping, and in-depth testing and validation of complex integrated systems. A majority of the work will use Python as the primary programming language. The candidate will contribute to internal reports, patent applications, Institute presentations, and Institute publications. He/she will also assist with maintenance and procurement of equipment and supplies relating to hardware development and fabrication. [46615BR]

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