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Research Assistant III – Immune Organs-on-Chip

We are looking for a research assistant to join the Intestine and Immune Organs on Chip team in Dr. Don Ingber’s laboratory. We are using immune organs-on-chip to study vaccines, solid tumors, and Lyme Disease. We are using Intestine Organ on Chip to study and model the intestinal tract and microbiome and its influences on diseases, such as malnutrition-associated with environmental enteric dysfunction (EED), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and radiation-induced injury, as well as therapeutic responses. With our work, we hope to understand what makes a vaccine effective, create an implantable therapy for pancreatic cancer, as well as incubate a startup that will design novel Lyme Disease therapeutics. Furthermore, the organ-chip model of intestinal injuries will help us to understand the molecular, genetic and nutritional bases of the disease and the testing of candidate therapeutics for it.

Reporting to the Principal Scientist leading the team, you will support these studies with the potential to become the go-to person for specific aspects of these research projects. You will learn cutting-edge human immunology and organ-on-chip techniques and may also be exposed to gene editing technology. The ideal candidate is comfortable learning and doing different types of tasks within the same week, has had diverse research experiences, and works well within a team. [65468BR]

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