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Senior Research Scientist – Organ Chip-Enabled Therapeutics

We are seeing a talented, enthusiastic, and experienced individual to work with Institute researchers and faculty to help build our Therapeutics Discovery capabilities. This candidate will have expertise in molecular cell biology and physiology as well as extensive experience in any of the following disease areas: cancer, lung disease, infectious diseases, or gastrointestinal disorders. They will also be responsible for actively carrying out studies at the bench, as well as leading and managing, internal and external sponsored research programs that design and develop therapeutics based on microfluidic organ-on-a-chip (Organ Chip) human in vitro experimentation technology. This will require a strong background in vitro cell based assays, requiring hands-on experience with primary cell culture, development of cell-based microfluidic Organ Chip assays, molecular, biochemical, and genetic analysis methods, and bioinformatics techniques in a research and development environment.  [48327BR]

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