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Staff Scientist – Computational Biology

The Wyss Institute seeks a computational biologist to aid our multi-scale modeling and computer assisted drug design team. The candidate will author and adapt in-house software libraries, existing life science software and machine learning tools to create simulation and dynamic multi-scale modeling pipelines that support and advance experimental design and hypothesis generation.

Areas of focus include molecular dynamic simulation and protein modeling, coarse-grain simulation, force-field development and data-driven solver design. The candidate should have experience with distributed computing and the deployment of computationally intensive tasks and job arrays on cloud-based computing platforms.

The candidate must also be willing to learn relevant biological fundamentals to better anticipate design needs and participate in ongoing research. The candidate will write research reports, patent applications, presentations, and publications, providing critical data, figures, or information for grant and patent submissions. Additionally, the candidate will work with members of the Wyss Institute to establish and manage external collaborations in pursuit of the Institute’s entrepreneurial mission. The candidate will also mentor and contribute to the Wyss Institute culture of community and collaboration. [46796BR]

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