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Staff Scientist- Translational Immunotherapy

We are looking for an innovative scientist with experience working with the modulation of T Cell and Dendritic Cell function in cancer, autoimmune, and/or other disease models. Familiarity with in vivo and in vitro models of innate and adaptive immune responses, flow cytometric characterization and separation of various immune cell populations, and biomarkers or imaging modalities relevant to immunological endpoints is essential. Reporting to the Lead Staff Scientist, and in collaboration with Core Faculty Member, David Mooney, you will develop and conduct functional assays and utilize models to validate the biological properties and therapeutic potential of Immunotherapy treatments. As a part of our Advanced Technology Team, you will be exposed to many different technologies in areas ranging from therapeutics and diagnostics to synthetic biology and materials science, with the goal to identify new product solutions and the unique opportunity to follow your passion either at the Institute or as a future co-founder of a Wyss start-up. [55713BR]

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