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Synthetic Biology Co-Op Position

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University invites applications for a Bioengineering Co-op student position in the Synthetic Biology and the Bioinspired Therapeutics and Diagnostics platforms. The mission of the Wyss Institute is to discover the engineering principles that Nature uses to build living things; to pursue the high-risk research that is fundamental to advance this effort; and to harness these insights to create biologically-inspired materials and devices to revolutionize clinical medicine and create a more sustainable world.

The candidate will work within a multidisciplinary team, supporting the discovery of therapeutics for neurological disorders, in particular bipolar disorder.  The project uses a unique screening combination of Xenopus frog embryo and tadpole models, and cerebral organoids derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells.  The candidate will perform phenotypic screens, behavioral analysis, and molecular assays in traditional culture systems as well as automated custom instrumentation with the Microengineering team within the CircaVent project.  Primary responsibilities include embryo and tadpole culture, Xenopus husbandry, behavioral/cognitive assays, light and fluorescence microscopy.  The candidate will design and execute experiments, analyze experimental data, and communicate their findings to their peers and advisors in formal and informal settings.

The candidate will report to a senior staff scientist at the Wyss Institute and can expect rigorous training, exposure to multiple disciplines and in-depth learning about therapeutics, preparing them for pursuing academic and pharmaceutical careers.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

(Other duties may be assigned)

  • Designing and carrying out experiments using the existing protocols and instrumentation developed in the lab
  • Xenopus husbandry
  • Light and fluorescence microscopy
  • Analysis, interpretation and presentation of various type of phenotypic data
  • Inventory control and lab maintenance

Qualification Requirements:

  1. Knowledge/Skill:  Senior undergraduate level biology/biochemistry. Some experience with live animals would be advantageous.  Applicant should be willing and able to work without daily supervision. This position requires someone detail oriented and interested in problem solving. Basic communication (written & verbal), organization (shared electronic lab notebook), and computer skills (Microsoft Office) are a must.

Applications should be sent to using the subject line “Synthetic Biology CO-OP Position.”

Demonstrates a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness through actions, interactions, and communications with others.

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