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Technology Translation Director

Duties & Responsibilities
The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University was formed based on the recognition that breakthrough discoveries cannot change the world if they never leave the lab. The Institute’s mission is to discover the biological principles that Nature uses to build living things and to harness these insights to create biologically inspired engineering innovations to advance human health and create a more sustainable world.

Since its launch in 2009, the Institute has developed a new model for innovation, collaboration, and technology translation within academia, breaking ‘silos’ to enable collaborations that cross-institutional and disciplinary barriers. Institute faculty and staff engage in high-risk research that leads to transformative breakthroughs. The biological principles uncovered are harnessed to develop new engineering solutions for medicine and healthcare, as well as non-medical areas, such as energy, architecture, robotics, and manufacturing.

The Institute’s technologies are translated into commercial products and therapies through collaborations with clinical investigators, corporate alliances, and the formation of new start-ups. This translation pipeline is driven by a unique internal business development team, including entrepreneurs-in-residence who bring domain-specific expertise, that works closely with academic faculty, students and fellows, as well as with the Institute’s Advanced Technology Team (ATT), a group of expert technical staff who have extensive prior industrial experience in product development, project and team management. The ATT members help build and lead integrated technology development teams focused on high-value applications and they catalyze communications and interactions across the Wyss Institute to ensure that the institute members remain at the leading edge of technology translation.

Reporting to the Wyss Institute’s Director, the Technology Translation Director will be responsible for the management of all business development and translation efforts, as well as the management of the Institute’s research and development activities. More specifically:

  • Managing all Institute business development and technology commercialization activities, in close collaboration with Harvard University’s Office of Technology Development (OTD).
  • Integrating technology development and business development activities at the Institute by working with the Institute Director to align staff, faculty, and collaborators around the Institute’s mission and goals.
  • Working collaboratively with the Institute’s Director and Administrative Director and the Institute’s Board of Directors to develop the Institute’s long-term strategy.
  • Working with Institute Core and Associate faculty across all Institute collaborating institutions to implement and manage all research and development efforts at the Institute.
  • Overseeing day-to-day research operations, including supervision of the ATT members and other technical staff and development and mentorship across numerous functional and technical areas.
  • Developing and maintaining valuable close working relationships with corporate partners and potential investors.
  • Supporting the Institute Director in philanthropic fundraising efforts that include individual, corporate, and foundation donors. [46352BR]
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