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Multi-Robot Study Part 2

Researchers at the Wyss Institute are developing a device to help developmentally delayed children learn to walk.

The study requires 1 visit lasting up to three hours, but based upon participant preference, the study could include more. Participating children will be asked to wear wireless sensors and reflective markers during their study visit as we record him/her standing or walking. They may be asked to walk on a specially designed treadmill with different or combined components of our multi-robot cyberphysical system. Video will be recorded. This data and feedback from the child will be used to assess some parts of our device for fit and comfort or usability. All devices utilized in this study are fully reviewed by a scientific engineering review board

To be eligible, your child must:

  • Have been born at full term (37 weeks pregnancy or after)
  • Be 2-5 years old
  • Be in a general healthy condition
  • Have no disorders that would affect the nervous system or muscle development

You will receive $50 in gift cards for each visit, up to 12 visits per year, and parking reimbursement!

For more information or to participate, contact:, or 617-432-7704.

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