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August 14, 2009

Microbot Wyss group wins $10M federal grant
A research team that includes Rob Wood, Radhika Nagpal and L. Mahadevan receives a $10 million National Science Foundation grant to design microrobots inspired by bees.
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DNA Origami A new twist on DNA Origami
William Shih and his lab earn international media coverage for a Science paper on engineering complex, curving shapes out of strands of DNA. The eventual goal, he told the New York Times, is to build a machine that could, for example, deliver a tiny amount of a drug to a precise spot in the body.

Expediting design Expediting design and evolution
George Church and his collaborators significantly push forward the field of synthetic biology with a paper in Nature that illustrates his new technique for rapidly synthesizing millions of genetic variations and selecting for desired traits.

Bacterial learn to count Bacteria learn to count
James Collins, George Church and colleagues teach cell networks to count by adding new genes into bacteria to create simple computer-like circuits, according to their paper in Science.

Stem cell fate Stem cell fate
David Mooney contributes to a special stem cell issue of Science clarifying fundamental aspects of how stem cells contribute to homeostasis and repair.

Faisal Aldaye Post-doc recognized
Faisal Aldaye of the Silver lab wins three prestigious awards, including the 2009 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Prize for Young Chemists, in recognition of the best Ph.D. thesis in the chemical sciences worldwide.

Rob Wood Wood wins Presidential Award
Rob Wood is recognized with a Presidential Early Career Award. Wood, who designs microrobots, is one of 100 engineers and scientists nationwide to receive the honor, which will be presented at the White House in the fall.

Donald Ingber Ingber advocates "purposeful wandering"
At Dartmouth's Class Day, Wyss Founding Director Donald Ingber recommends that graduates take the time to experiment as well as focus. After all, one of Ingber's most profound medical insights happened in a college sculpture class. Read his talk at

Design awards Wyss design awards
The Wyss offers two $200 prizes for the highest quality and most visually exciting images, videos, animations or simulations produced by students, fellows or staff in the labs of Wyss Institute faculty members. Go to to learn more.

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