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Ayush Verma, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

Verma’s interest and experience spans across oral delivery, vaccine delivery and ocular delivery of small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids using novel nanomaterials. Prior to joining Wyss, he led the scientific effort at Entrega Inc., for oral delivery of biologics using mucoadhesive patches. He also worked at Liquidia Technologies (and subsequently at Envisia Therapeutics), leveraging a proprietary platform for delivery of small molecules therapeutics via biodegradable polymer implants to the eye for various indications. Prior to Liquidia, Ayush led the formulation effort at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics for delivery of novel self-replicating RNA vaccines. He did his postdoc at MIT in the Materials Science and Engineering department where his research led to the first observation of how ligand arrangement on synthetic nanoparticles impact their ability to penetrate cell membranes, a critical aspect of drug delivery. He received his Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst and BSc. from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, India.

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