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Olivier Henry, Ph.D.

Staff Engineer - Microfabrication and sensors

Olivier’s main areas of interest lie in the understanding of molecular recognition mechanisms of natural and synthetic receptors, their interfacing with transducers and microfluidic systems at the nanoscale level and the miniaturisation of bioanalytical assays. His current research at the Wyss focus primarily on the development of novel micro/nano-analytical tools to advance our understanding of in vitro cell models and the development of novel point-of-care (POC) medical diagnostics. Olivier received his  Ph.D from Cranfield University (UK) in the field of optical and electrochemical sensor arrays, synthetic chemistry and molecular imprinted polymers. He then joined Sphere Medical Ltd. (UK) to work on the development a blood gas and analytes microanalyzer and lead the development of POC diagnostics for continuous monitoring of anaesthesia. Prior to joining the Wyss, Olivier worked at University Rovira i Virgili (Spain) directing research areas on multiplexed gene expression profiling, marine toxin detection and food allergies.

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