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Richard Novak, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Engineer

Novak’s research interests involve development of microfluidic devices and automated fluid handling and imaging systems for organ-on-chip, organoid, and embryo culture for translational applications such as developing novel therapeutics, understanding and modulating pathogen infection, and counteracting damage from environmental sources. He is also involved in developing microfluidic systems for diagnostics and prototyping platforms. He received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley/UC San Francisco where he developed precision methods for single molecule and cell analysis using microfluidic droplet generators and integrated on-chip micropumps. He has also focused on developing rapid prototyping workflows for thermoplastic microfluidic chips for faster product development and scalability. Richard places a strong focus on mentorship and outreach and is the founder of Future Scientist, a nonprofit that creates sustainable solutions through community empowerment with science and engineering education.

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