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Mark Currie, Ph.D.

Biopharma Leader and Scientist

Mark Currie, Ph.D.

Mark is a dynamic biopharma leader and scientist that has made numerous important contributions to our understanding of the hormonal regulation of the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. Beyond these academic contributions he has led the discovery and development of drugs that treat pain and improve the quality of life for patients across the globe.

He is the President/Founder and CSO of Enversa Bio, a biotech startup focused on targeting peptides that regulate diseases associated with the breakdown of the gut-brain-immune system axis. He also serves on the board of directors of Ironwood and Sea Pharmaceuticals and chairs the scientific advisory board of Cyclerion Therapeutics. Outside of biotech, he is on the board of directors of Science Exchange, a breakthrough technology company focused on accelerating drug discovery and development through an external research marketplace. Additionally, Mark is active in the following non-profit areas of medical research and climate crisis. He serves as an emeritus board of director of the Medical University of South Carolina’s Foundation for Research and Development, a member of the president’s council of Boston’s Museum of Science, and the president and co-founder of the Land, Marine, and Atmosphere (LAMA) foundation where he has co-created a comprehensive climate change scale (LAMA scale).

Previously, he was the President, Chief Scientific Officer, and scientific founder of Cyclerion Pharmaceuticals. Mark led as a co-inventor the company’s soluble guanylate cyclase platform producing multiple drug candidates currently in clinical studies, including for Alzheimer’s disease. An industry leading and highly recognized pharmacologist and drug developer who discovered a number of human hormones that have served as the basis for drugs in the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal therapeutic areas. Additional basic science discoveries have served as the basis for the rationale for several market leading drugs including Celebrex, Dynastat, Lunesta and Linzess. Mark was a highly productive academic researcher who transitioned to the biotech industry and has held a number of leadership positions at Ironwood, Sepracor, Searle and Monsanto. These drugs have improved the lives of millions of patients and provided over 40 billion dollars in revenues.

Mark has more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and numerous US and international patents. Mark was on the faculty of Medical University of South Carolina and a research professor at Washington University School of Medicine. He received his Ph.D. from Wake Forest School of Medicine and his B.S. from University of South Alabama.

At the Wyss Institute, Mark is a member of the Wyss Mentor Hive who specializes in therapeutics, drug development, pharmacology, FDA regulation, and blue sky innovation.

The Wyss Mentor Hive is a mentoring program that invites investors and business professionals with significant early stage translational experience, clinical and regulatory experts in driving therapeutic and device development, and serial entrepreneurs with a track record of success to work closely with Wyss entrepreneur teams on startup formation and technology commercialization. Mentors provide feedback to founders and entrepreneurs, while also demonstrating commitment and leadership in the Wyss innovation community.

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