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Bok Yeop Ahn, Ph.D.

Materials Science and Chemical Engineer

Ahn’s research interests include developing functional inks and direct-write assembly of 3D printed electronics. Currently he is focusing on a project through Lewis Research Group and the Wyss Institute’s Bioinspired Robotics platform to develop 3D microbatteries using ink filament-based 3D printing and laser micromachining techniques. Ahn received his Bachelor’s degree in Kwandong University in 1997, Master’s degree in Kangwon National University in 1999, and Ph.D. degree in Korea University in 2006. During his Ph.D., he worked for the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) in the Advanced Materials Division and focused his researches on the synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles and alkyl-modified silica core/shell microcapsules. He joined the Wyss Institute in 2013. Prior to becoming a staff engineer, Ahn was a Visiting Assistant Research Professor in the department of Materials Science and Engineering in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

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