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Kazuo Imaizumi, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Imaizumi’s research focuses on in vivo model animals in normal and disease states. He has a long academic career in neuroscience at various institutes. He brings his experience and biological background to the Wyss Institute for integrating in vivo research with other groups. Prior to joining the Wyss Institute, he was a Research Scientist at Broad Institute/MIT and studied neural mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders using mouse models. He received a Ph.D. in neurobiology from McGill University in 2001. Then, he became a postdoc/Assistant Research Scientist at the University of California, San Francisco and studied functional organization and neural processing in the auditory cortex using in vivo electrophysiological, pharmacological, and neuroanatomical techniques. After an additional postdoc training at LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans, where he established in vivo two photon calcium imaging techniques, he became a faculty member at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine.

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