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Amy M. Wen, Ph.D.

Technology Development Fellow

Amy received her Bachelor’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics from Duke University and her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Her graduate work was performed under Dr. Nicole Steinmetz and focused on engineering new designs of plant virus-based nanoparticles for applications in tissue-specific imaging and targeted drug delivery. Amy was an NIH T32 trainee and was awarded AHA and NIH F31 predoctoral fellowships during her PhD, and she was also recently awarded an NIH F32 postdoctoral fellowship for her current research. As a Wyss Technology Development Fellow, Amy is working on developing the lung-on-a-chip platform as a tool to drive therapeutic discovery and development. Her current research interests focus on using bioinspired approaches to develop models and strategies for therapeutic intervention.

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