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Kambez H. Benam, Ph.D.

Technology Development Fellow

Kambez received his B.Sc. with First-Class Honors in Pharmacology from Newcastle University in 2007, and his D.Phil. in Clinical Medicine (Immunology) from the University of Oxford in 2011. His doctoral work focused on host-pathogen interactions, pulmonary mucosal immunity, and development of mild and highly pathogenic viral infection models. His thesis revealed a novel antigen-presenting capacity in airway epithelium to directly interact with circulating blood lymphocytes. As a Senior Research Fellow in Don Ingber’s lab at Harvard, Kambez designed and developed a lung ‘small airway-on-a-chip’ to model debilitating human lung disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and respiratory viral infections in order to advance drug development strategies. He also engineered a microfluidically coupled multi-compartment system to ‘breathe’ whole smoke from tobacco-related products, electronic cigarettes or any other aerosolized compound/drug in and out of small airway chip microchannels as occurs in vivo (‘smoking-breathing airway-on-a-chip’). As a Wyss Institute Technology Development Fellow, Kambez is applying organ-on-chip technology to discover and validate novel therapeutic targets for lung diseases.

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