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Longlong Si, Ph.D.

Technology Development Fellow

Longlong Si received his Ph.D. in Chemical Biology under the mentorship of Dr. Demin Zhou from Peking University in June 2017 before he moved to Harvard University and joined Dr. Donald Ingber’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow (2017-2019). One part of his Ph.D. work focused on developing genetic codon expansion technology for manipulating viral life processes to generate live but replication-controllable virus vaccines; the other part of his Ph.D. work focused on chemical probe-based drug target discovery and action mechanism exploration of antiviral inhibitors. As a Wyss Technology Development Fellow at the Wyss Institute (2019-present), Longlong is working on developing stem cell-based human organ-on-chip platform as  a tool to drive diagnostic and therapeutic discovery and development. Longlong’s broader research interests include developing technologies for programing biological systems, and using bioinspired approaches to develop models and strategies for diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases.

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