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Melvin Gauci, Ph.D.

Technology Development Fellow

Melvin received a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Malta in 2009 and an M.S. in control systems engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2010. He carried out his Ph.D. work at the Natural Robotics Lab at the University of Sheffield between 2010 and 2015, where he worked on collective robotics systems with minimal information processing, paving the way for implementing such systems at small physical scales for new application domains such as nanomedicine. He also contributed to the development of a novel machine learning paradigm known as Turing Learning. In 2015, Melvin joined Prof. Radhika Nagpal’s lab at the Wyss Institute where he continued working on collective robotic systems using the 1000-unit Kilobot platform and also continued to develop Turing Learning. As a Wyss Technology Development Fellow, since 2017 he has been developing a novel platform for 3D underwater collective robotics. This platform will lower the barriers to entry for research in this area and will enable physical experiments with significantly larger numbers of units than was previously possible.

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