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Frank Urena, B.S., R.L.A.T.G.

Research Assistant III - Laboratory Animal Technologist

Frank supports projects as a certified Registered Animal Laboratory Technologist. After graduating in 2011 with a B.S. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Life Sciences from Northeastern University, Frank worked as a Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Pathology Technician, and Research Associate gaining vast experience in both Basic and Translational Research, as well as Animal Surgical Research for FDA validation of implanted medical devices. As a Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Frank performed (Automated/Manual) routine and STAT non-complex laboratory procedures in clinical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular diagnostics. In the Surgical Pathology Department at Lahey Clinic and Medical Center, he assisted with autopsies and the processing of human tissues and bodily fluids for both cytology and histopathology review. As a Research Associate at Toxikon Corp, he work with several animal species in both Surgical and TK/PK studies for the validation of both medical devices and biopharmaceutical products. His primary role at the Wyss Institute includes colony management, aiding surgical protocols, performing rodent surgeries, providing post-operative care, performing health rounds, and providing technical support in rodent bio-methodology, as well as supporting various Vaccine/Oncology/Materials studies across the Immune-Materials and Biomimetic Microsystems platforms.

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