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Philseok Kim, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar

Philseok to translate the concepts of adaptive materials at laboratory scale to human scale structures to improve daylight autonomy and energy efficiency of buildings through the ALivE project, a collaboration between the Wyss Institutes Adaptive Material Technologies platform and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His experience includes 8 years of R&D in chemical industry and 6 years of academic research in materials science and engineering. During his time at the Wyss institute as a Technology Development Fellow and a Senior Research Scientist, he has been a key contributor to the development of SLIPS technology through various collaborations with industrial partners and through ARPA-E funded projects for energy-efficient cooling equipment and marine bio-fouling applications. He co-founded SLIPS technology with Professor Joanna Aizenberg in 2014 and has since led much of the technology’s commercial development in industrial applications, medical materials, and consumer products. Kim received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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