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Randy Castleman, M.B.A.

Visiting Scholar

Randy is a longtime investor and developer of emerging technology-driven companies. He is a co-founder and managing partner of Court Square Ventures (CSTV, Yandex, Automated Insights), a private equity firm managing over $200 million for institutional investors. Prior to Court Square, he was involved in the formation of synthetic biology startup RheoGene (acquired by Intrexon) and he held senior roles in technology, policy, and digital media, including technology advisor to a White House-convened Federal Advisory Council addressing intellectual property, privacy, and security matters; technology strategy at ASCAP implementing new technologies in the music industry; co-founder of Jodie Foster’s Egg Pictures (PolyGram); various management roles at Interscope Communications and Ogilvy (WPP). He has a BA from Princeton and an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School. He is founder and chairman of the Charlottesville Police Foundation. Randy is currently focused on advanced robotics and intelligent systems that bring automation to unstructured environments, especially via compliant materials, novel sensors, neuromorphic computing, cloud robotics and machine intelligence.

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