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Sylvain Meylan, M.D., Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar

Sylvain Meylan is a medical graduate from Switzerland. He completed his medical school training between Lausanne (University of Lausanne) and Stockholm (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) in 2006, and received an M.D. Ph.D. in Genetics and Epigenetics from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne. His thesis work focused on retroviral restriction factors and notably the identification of determinants for successful transcriptional repression by TRIM28 (also known as KAP1). After resuming in 2010 his clinical training between Basel and Brighton (UK), Sylvain moved to Boston in 2013 for a Postdoctoral fellowship in Jim Collins’ laboratory to work on antibiotics resistance. He was offered the opportunity to combine this postdoctoral fellowship with an ID fellowship at MGH and Brigham & Women’s Hospital in 2014. Upon returning to research, he became a Wyss Clinical Fellow (2016). Sylvain has identified phenotypic resistance as an unmet challenge to current antimicrobial treatments. He intends to gain insight into how bacteria alter their metabolism to decrease susceptibility to antibiotics and escape therapy, with the aim to develop rapid translational applications from his research.

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