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Bioinspired Adaptive Materials:
From Molecules to Buildings
Wyss Institute's 5th Annual Symposium

Friday, Jun 27, 2014
8:15am - 6:30pm
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Amphitheater, Harvard Medical School, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115


Due to an unprecedented number of positive responses, registration is now closed.


The Wyss Institute's 5th international annual symposium will focus on the development of innovative materials inspired by Nature that respond to the environment by adapting their shape and function to continuously optimize energy efficiency, thermal gain, and other properties critical for sustainability or other high value applications. Organized by Wyss Institute Core Faculty members Joanna Aizenberg, Jennifer Lewis and Don Ingber, the day will include a number of distinguished speakers and a keynote presentation by Peter Vikusic from the University of Exeter.


 Wyss Institute Organizers

Joanna Aizenberg, Ph.D.

Joanna Aizenberg, Ph.D.
Founding Core Faculty Member
Platform Leader, Adaptive Material Technologies

Jennifer Lewis, Sc.D.

Jennifer Lewis, Sc.D.
Core Faculty Member

Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D.

Donald Ingber, M.D., Ph.D.
Founding Director
Platform Leader, Biomimetic Microsystems

Keynote Speaker

Peter Vukusic, Ph.D.

Peter Vukusic, Ph.D.
University of Exeter 

Session Topics*

Programmable Fabrication
Built Environment
Bioinspired Surfaces: To stick or not to stick
Smart, Adaptive Materials

Confirmed Speakers

Martin Bechthold

Martin Bechthold, DDes
Wyss Institute, Harvard University

Hod LipsonLei Jiang, Ph.D.
Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jeff KarpJeff Karp, Ph.D.
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Hod LipsonHod Lipson, Ph.D.
Cornell University

Achim MengesAchim Menges, Ph.D.
Universitat Stuttgart


Fiorenzo Omenetto

Fiorenzo Omenetto, Ph.D.
Tufts University

Neri Oxman


Neri Oxman, Ph.D.
MIT Media Lab

Ozgur Sahin

Ozgur Sahin, Ph.D.
Columbia University

Stephen Selkowitz Stephen Selkowitz, MFA

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

George WhitesidesGeorge Whitesides, Ph.D.

Wyss Institute, Harvard University


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