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How We Collaborate

We create unique collaborations with academic institutions, industry, investors, foundations, and philanthropists who share our vision of bridging the divide between breakthrough scientific discovery and commercial impact.

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Strategic Alliances

Forward-thinking venture capitalists, corporations, foundations, and philanthropists bring expertise and perspective that help guide our product development efforts and emerging business plans.

Collaborative Fund Venture Alliance

Our alliance with Collab Fund supports sustainable materials to fight climate change.

Northpond Labs Venture Alliance

Our alliance with Northpond Labs supports early-stage, transformative research with strong translational potential as part of a collaborative Laboratory for Bioengineering Research Innovation.

Industrial Partnerships

We seek out industrial collaborators who have strong market expertise, technological depth, and commercial perspective to jointly develop breakthrough innovations that meet their mission-critical challenges.

Kraft Heinz Partnership

The Kraft Heinz company approached the Wyss Institute for help to achieve its ambitious goal to make its food products healthier, resulting in a novel technology that is ripe for commercialization.

Wyss Brain Targeting Program

Advancing brain delivery approaches that enable more safe and effective brain-targeted therapeutics.

Research Collaboratives

We build networks with some of the world’s most talented academic researchers and clinicians across Harvard and our partner institutions in the Boston area and around the world to address critical scientific and clinical challenges by developing breakthrough innovations and expediting their translation from the bench to the marketplace.

Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator (DxA)

An initiative to enable the fast creation of diagnostic technologies to solve high-value clinical problems through deep collaborations driven by unmet diagnostic needs.

i3 Center: Biomaterials to Create T Cell Immunity

Cancer immunologists and biological engineers are developing new biomaterials-based approaches to develop new anti-cancer immunotherapies for treatment-resistant cancers.


We form and nurture strong teams composed of entrepreneurial scientists and engineers who are passionate about launching their technologies into the world. See more.


Since our founding in 2009, nearly 25% of Harvard’s patent applications are linked to Wyss research. Much of the intellectual property generated from Wyss research is available for licensing, through Harvard’s Office of Technology Development, to industry partners that are committed to their commercialization. See more.

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