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The Wyss Institute at Harvard University is a research and development engine for disruptive innovation powered by bioinspired technologies with visionary people at its heart.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform healthcare and the environment by developing innovative technologies that emulate the way Nature builds, and accelerate their translation into commercial products through the formation of startups and corporate partnerships to bring about positive near-term impact in the world.

Our Model

Our unique model of technology translation breaks down the traditional silos of academia and barriers with industry, enabling our world-leading visionary faculty to collaborate creatively across our focus areas of diagnostics, therapeutics, medtech, and sustainability.

We have 8 enabling Platforms and Initiatives.

Our Story

Since our founding in 2009, we have demonstrated our ability to generate a pipeline of groundbreaking ideas and invent breakthrough technologies that address global challenges in healthcare and the environment through interdisciplinary collaboration, both within Harvard and through partnerships with leading institutions in the Boston/Cambridge ecosystem and around the world.

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Our Technologies

Our technologies are developed through strategic partnerships with industry, government, foundations, investors and philanthropists, and they are rapidly brought to the marketplace through licensing agreements and the creation of new startups. By harnessing the ingenuity of our 11 Core and 15 Associate Faculty, the Wyss Institute enables a significant portion of all intellectual property and startups that emerge from Harvard annually, with more than 1,093 issued patents, 115 licensing agreements, and 55 startups launched since our inception.

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