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We aim to have near-term impact in the world by developing groundbreaking bioinspired technologies, ranging from novel devices and materials to high-value therapeutics and diagnostics, that are translated into commercial products and solutions. If you are interested in any of these technologies, please contact us.

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HarborSite: Precise and Efficient Gene Editing for Next-Generation Gene Therapies
HarborSite: Precise and Efficient Gene Editing for Next-Generation Gene Therapies

The HarborSite next-generation gene therapy platform enables integration of therapeutic genes into genomic safe harbors using highly specific and efficient recombinases to enable more predictable, safe and durable gene therapies.

floating garbage on the sea , dirty dump in ocean
Plastivores: Plastic-Degrading Super-Microbes and Enzymes

The Plastic Degradation project identifies microbes from natural sources that have a low-level ability to degrade multiple types of plastic. In the laboratory, with the help of synthetic biology, those microbes then are evolved into much more effective plastic-eating microbes that, in the future, could be globally deployed to decompose plastic waste.

DNA Nanoswitches: “Lab-on-a-Molecule” Drug Discovery
DNA Nanoswitches: “Lab-on-a-Molecule” Drug Discovery

The Lab-on-a-Molecule platform leverages the Wyss Institute’s DNA nanotechnology technology for the high-throughput, low-cost screening of a wide range of chemical and biologic compounds to enable the discovery of first-in-class therapeutics for various conditions.

Abdominal pain in elder senior mature aging woman with stomachache illness from stomach cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, Indigestion, Diarrhea or GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease)
Pancreatitis Tx: An Engineered Protein Treatment for Pancreatitis

First disease-modifying therapy that can be systemically applied to safely and effectively treat patients with different forms of pancreatitis.

FeCILL: Targeted Treatment for Severe Fungal Infections
FeCILL: Targeted Treatment for Severe Fungal Infections

FeCILL is novel delivery vehicle for antifungal drugs that targets them right to the infection site and reduces harmful side effects in patients with severe fungal infections.

Soft hydrogel electrodes for better, safer implants

Soft, conductive hydrogels match the physical properties of the human brain, enabling the creation of electrodes and implantable devices that can improve brain-machine interfaces while reducing the risk of injury.

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