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The Institute’s academic scientists, engineers, clinicians and Advanced Technology Team members with industrial product development experience work alongside each other and with experts in business development, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship to develop new technologies, and to de-risk them, ensuring the fastest and most successful path to commercialization.

Our faculty, staff, fellows and students are organized into eight technology focus areas that are headed by Core Faculty members with world-leading expertise and provided with resources necessary to break open new fields of research and technology development. The Wyss Institute also collaborates with external academic and industrial partners to facilitate the maturation of specific technologies and products.

Faculty & Leadership

The Wyss Institute currently has 18 Core Faculty and 16 Associate Faculty members from Harvard and its partner institutions who are leaders in the field of Biologically Inspired Engineering. The entire Institute enterprise is managed and administered by our director with support from a core faculty-led Operating Committee, and by an Executive Team who bring extensive management, financial, and corporate start-up experience into the Wyss community.

Students, Fellows & Scholars

The Institute’s unique interdisciplinary training environment provides the opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows to work alongside Wyss Institute Core Faculty, Associate Faculty, and Advanced Technology Team members. We also integrate Wyss Technology Development Fellows, Clinical Fellows and Visiting Scholars into this community. The interdisciplinary nature of the work, the organization of teams within “collaboratories” (research spaces that are allocated by project, rather than faculty), and the presence of outstanding faculty and staff provide a trans-disciplinary environment where students are trained in the field of Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Technology & Business Development

The Institute faculty members develop breakthrough bioinspired technologies by partnering with professional staff scientists and engineers of our Advanced Technology Team who bring industrial experience in product development and team management to the Institute community, with support from the Institute's Research Support and Clinical Research teams. Technologies are translated from the laboratory to the commercial marketplace by the Wyss Institute’s Business Development Team, which includes business development experts with domain-specific expertise, as well as experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence. The team works closely with Harvard’s Office of Technology Development to manage intellectual property portfolios, pursue licensing and/or startup company opportunities, and develop collaborations and strategic partnerships with industry, clinicians and the business community.

Clinical & Translational Research Core

The Wyss Institute’s Clinical and Translational Research Core (CTRC) is dedicated to facilitating all aspects of research at the Wyss Institute. From investigator-initiated to industry-sponsored, the CTRC manages a wide range of pre-clinical and clinical research projects and provides the necessary resources and training to assist investigators at all levels of research. The CTRC mission is to facilitate innovative projects at the Institute, enabling Wyss researchers to transform healthcare, industry, and the environment. The CTRC provides the following resources: clinical research, pre-clinical and animal work, biosafety and lab safety.

Administration & Operations

The Administration and Operations Team provide a responsive and integrated infrastructure that supports the advancements of Wyss Institute Faculty and technical staff.

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