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Wide-Field and Stereo Scanning Electron Microscopy: James C. Weaver

Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010

Wide-Field and Stereo Scanning Electron Microscopy:
An Introduction to Biodiversity and Biomimetics

James C. Weaver
Department of Physics
University of California, Santa Barbara

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Location: Wyss Institute, Room 521
3 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115

There has been significant progress in recent years aimed at pushing the spatial resolution limit of scanning electron microscopes. Many of these endeavors have been driven by advances in the field of nanotechnology and the need to investigate the morphological features of sub-micron size materials. While scanning electron microscopy is indeed a powerful tool for investigating objects at length-scales that are prohibitive using standard optical microscopy techniques, SEMs are also extremely useful in characterizing the micro- and macro-scale architectures of transparent, highly reflective, or morphologically complex materials. In this presentation, two scanning-electron microscopy imaging techniques (stereo and wide-field) will be introduced and applied to the imaging of a wide range of biological structural materials across length scales covering more than 5 orders of magnitude (less than 10μm to greater than 10cm). The talk is intended for a broad audience and is likely to appeal to anyone interested in microscopy, structural biology, materials science, and vertebrate and invertebrate biodiversity.

3D glasses will be provided to all attendees.

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