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BIH Lecture | Angelika Fretzen: Keys To Successful Technology Translation By Entrepreneurs In Academia And Biotech


Experiences from both shores of the Charles River, MA
BIH Lecture Series | Frontiers in Translational Medicine – Scientific and Structural Challenges

The successful translation of innovative technologies into new enterprises requires factors that are both internal and external to the entrepreneurial team. The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has developed a unique model that draws the most innovative ideas from blue-sky research in leading academic groups throughout the Boston area, and then de-risks these technologies to create impactful product opportunities with the guidance of industry experts both inside and outside the walls of the Institute. The thoughtful assembly of a diverse team of many fully engaged stakeholders is equally important as the product development process in bringing a technology forward into the hands of patients or other end-users.

Combining entrepreneurial experience with her leadership responsibilities at the Wyss Institute, Dr. Fretzen will elaborate on the Wyss’ model and explore what she sees as the keys to the successful translation of technologies that have the ambitious goal of measurable positive impact on society.

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