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Biomedical Informatics Entrepreneurs Salon


A monthly conversation about medicine, biology, computers, entrepreneurship, and pizza. Featuring Levin Brown, MD, MPH.  Levin will describe how he came to engineer the national Sync for Science initiative with the NIH that is aimed at allowing individuals to access their health data and send it to researchers in support of the goals of the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). He will describe his personal journey going through the Coast Guard, Hurricane Katrina and medical school leading him to his current job as CEO of FleetHealth.

About the Event: 

Come and share ideas about entrepreneurship at the convergence of biology, medicine, and computers.

Rapid Pitches: 

Participants will have the chance to look for collaborators, employees, advisors, customers, or investors. Bring your ideas, get some pizza!

Please note the change in speaker.

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