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Designed Chemical Synthesis and Assembly of Inorganic Nanomaterials for Medical Applications


Please join Dr. Hyeon as he discusses recent advances in the fabrication of ultraflexible and stretchable electronic and optoelectronic devices integrated with various functional nanomaterials, and their application to wearable and implantable healthcare devices. 

With particular emphasis on graphene-hybrid electrochemical devices integrated with thermo-responsive micro-needles for the sweat-based diabetes monitoring and feedback therapy; the designed fabrication of multifunctional wearable electronic devices for sensing, data storage, and drug-based feedback therapy of motion-related neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease; and the introduction of electromechanical cardioplasty using an epicardial mesh made of electrically conductive and mechanically elastic silver nanowire-rubber composite material to resemble the innate cardiac tissue and confer cardiac conduction system function.

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