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Flexible Architected Materials: Performance through Deformation – A Presentation by Katia Bertoldi


Although the study of the effect of shape and geometry on the mechanical response of solid objects has a long history, the surge of modern techniques to fabricate structures of complex form paired with our ability to simulate and better understand their response has created new opportunities for the design of architected materials with novel functionalities (also referred to as metamaterials). Since the properties of architected materials are primarily governed by the geometry of the structure (as opposed to constitutive ingredients at the material level), we harness deformation and instabilities, which can significantly alter their initial geometry, to achieve new modes of functionality. We demonstrate that this approach enables the design of a variety of smart systems, including reconfigurable structures, materials with unusual and tunable properties and soft machines that operate with minimal input signals. Altogether, our studies can inform simplified routes for the design of tunable architected materials over a wide range of length scales.

Le Laboratoire Cambridge is hosting this special presentation featuring Wyss Associate Faculty member Katie Bertoldi.

The doors open at 6pm, the talk starts at 6:30pm. Space is limited, please register at the link below.

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