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Science & Cocktails: Human Organs-on-Chips as replacements for animal testing


Donald Ingber, world leading bioengineer from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, will explain the recent advances in the engineering of multiple organ chips, including lung, intestine, kidney, and blood-brain barrier chips, as well as how they have been used to develop human disease models, co-culture living microbiome, and discover new therapeutics.

Donald Ingber will also discuss recent efforts in joining all of these organ chips and forming a complete ‘human-body-on-chips’, therefore creating an instrument that can be used to study cellular responses to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and toxins.

Afterwards, a brand new cocktail menu, specially crafted for the start of the season will be available at the bar. And while you sip these eye-opening chilled drinks and think about your liver and lungs on a smooth and nice electronic chip, Lydmor & Bon Homme join forces in a new project that combines the best of their qualities as artists in a toxic cocktail of pulsating beats, catchy synth-stanzas and potent songs. It will be a unique evening where we will play acoustic versions from ‘The Red Acoustic STC Session’ for the first and perhaps the last time. We will stretch out and let our acoustic and electronic worlds meet.

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