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Stress Management: Understanding Host Resilience to Infection and Trauma

Wyss Event

Dr. Amanda Jamieson is interested on understanding host resilience mechanisms to infectious and non-infectious diseases of the lung. Most research focuses on curing diseases by ridding hosts of a particular environmental insult, cancerous cell, or clearing a pathogen. She is focused on what host mechanisms are necessary to increase resilience, and hence survival, to disease. Dr. Jamieson is specifically interested in understanding how one lung disease affects the response to a secondary insult in ether the lung or in a distal part of the body. Using clinically relevant model systems she examines the impact of the lung microbiome on pulmonary diseases, alterations of the immune response during pulmonary viral/bacterial coinfection, and the impact of lung infection and damage on surgical wound repair at a distal site. The overall goal of her research is to develop improved therapeutics for complex lung diseases.

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