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Swarms: From Biology to Robotics and Back


Swarms: From Biology to Robotics and Back is a full-day workshop on swarms in robotics and nature, to be held at ICRA 2018, Brisbane, Australia, on Friday, May 25.

Researchers who work in any area of collective behavior are welcomed to participate. Early-career researchers are especially encouraged to apply!

Please visit the workshop page for more information.


  • Swarm robotics and multi-robot systems
  • Animal collectives (social insects, schooling fish, flocking birds, herding mammals, etc.)
  • Self-* (self-organization, self-assembly, self-repair, etc.)
  • Modular reconfigurable systems
  • Programmable matter, smart materials, amorphous computing
  • Social systems and mixed animal-robot societies
  • Human-swarm interaction
  • Distributed evolutionary and collaborative systems
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