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The Organ Generation


With more than 119,000 adults and children hoping for a life-saving organ on the national transplant waiting list and only 15,000 organ donors in a given year, the US suffers from a donor organ shortage. Those fortunate enough to receive an organ transplant may have to fight against their own bodies, which often reject the new organ as a foreign object. Now, breakthroughs in gene-editing, 3D bioprinting, xenotransplantation, and de- & re-cellularizing “bioartificial” organs offer a glimpse of a future in which a steady and reliable supply of immune-matched organs may be possible. See and hear from Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) scientists on the cutting edge of this research.

This event is hosted by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Speakers include Wyss Core Faculty members George Church and Kevin Kit Parker, Harald Ott from Massachusetts General Hospital, and David Kolesky, Wyss Technology Development Fellow.

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