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Department: Administration and Operations

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Jobs 2

  • Business Systems Coordinator
    Administration and Operations

    Maintains and expands VBA solutions for the Wyss sponsored and finance teams for Excel, Access and Sharepoint; the needs include a biweekly salary transfer tool, dynamic budget templates, scientific platform effort analysis, and financial fund summaries; writes SQL code and interacts with SQL servers for ad hoc reporting; assists the Sponsored Research team by providing technical support to expand grant-tracking capabilities. [40047BR]

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  • Laboratory Manager – Robotics
    Administration and Operations

    Independently oversees and carries out the daily research operations of the lab; responsibilities include managing, creating and administering lab systems, practices, policies, and procedures; ensures good lab organization for equipment, tools, work spaces and projects; monitors, tracks and guides progress of research and oversees adherence to time frames and costs. [40569BR]

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