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Department: Business Development and Technology Translation

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  • ATT – Staff Scientist Synthetic Biology
    Business Development and Technology Translation

    Works as part of a multi-disciplinary team to design and develop novel enzyme and other protein candidates; develops multiplexed biochemical and biophysical tools for structural and catalytic analysis; leads experimental design, interprets data, troubleshoots experiments, coordinates junior scientists, and presents work at both internal and external meetings; writes research proposals, reports, patent applications, presentations and publications, providing critical data, figures or information for grant and patent submissions. [41537BR]

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  • ATT – Staff Software/Operations Engineer
    Business Development and Technology Translation

    Works closely with researchers, including faculty, staff scientists, engineers, post-docs and graduate students, to author and adapt in-house software libraries, existing life science software and machine learning tools to create pipelines that support our research and advance the state of the art in experimental design; areas of focus include protein design, gene synthesis, genome editing and next-gen sequencing. [41535BR]

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  • Lead Senior Staff Engineer – Bioinspired Robotics
    Business Development and Technology Translation

    Assists and enables Wyss Institute faculty and researchers in their research and development efforts in wearable robotics, soft robotics, microrobotics, and printable robotics; initiates, directs, and performs independent research and works with Institute faculty in the creation and execution of research programs and projects in bioinspired robotics; develops technology plans for Wyss Institute robotics research programs, coordinates resources, and champions technology translation. [41657BR]

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