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Department: Research and Technology Development

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Jobs 3

  • Scientist II- Immune Organs-on-Chip
    Research and Technology Development

    We are looking for an innovative Scientist II with significant expertise in immunology and microphysiological systems, specifically in human immune cell culture, virology, infectious diseases vaccines, autoimmunity or immuno-oncology to join our Bioinspired Therapeutics and Diagnostics Team. Reporting to the Principal Scientist, you will be responsible for advancing preclinical testing and modeling of the human immune system using organ-on-chip technology. [62769BR]

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  • Research Assistant III – Cell Culture and Host-Microbiome Interactions
    Research and Technology Development

    We are currently seeking a Research Assistant to significantly contribute to a research program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation involving the use of microfluidic cell based in vitro models to study the role of the microbiome and immune component on the vaginal epithelium. As part of the Bioinspired Therapeutics & Diagnostics platform and reporting to the Staff Scientist, you will manage primary cell cultures, including, but not limited to, primary vaginal and cervical epithelial cells and organ specific endothelial cells. You will be expected to learn new skills, and troubleshoot any technical issues that arise, and contribute intellectually to the project. [62185BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – Clinical Research Coordinator
    Research and Technology Development

    We are looking for a highly motivated clinical research coordinator to support the clinical studies at the Wyss Institute and across our collaborating institutions. Reporting to the Director of Clinical Research, you will be responsible for coordinating clinical studies and trials. [61913BR]

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