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  • Research Assistant II
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking an energetic, enthusiastic, and multi-talented individual to work as a Research Assistant II. The employee will construct expression plasmids, perform transient transfections into mammalian cells, perform immunofluorescence staining, store data, and perform preliminary data analysis. The employee will also maintain an organized collection of plasmids, mammalian cell lines, and data collection protocols suitable for transfer to others including outside agencies. The employee will present data at group meetings, assist in writing papers and monthly reports to funding agencies. The employee will attend in seminar series within the Wyss Institute and HMS and take part in the scientific and intellectual life of the lab, the Wyss Institute, and Harvard Medical School. [48726BR]

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  • Laboratory Support Assistant
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking an energetic, enthusiastic, and multi-talented individual to work as a laboratory support technician within Research Operations providing support to the research. Working under the supervision of the Laboratory Manager, this person will support shared equipment and spaces. This person will also respond to the laboratory- and facility-related requests of platform leaders, researchers, and other staff members at the Wyss Institute as needed. The main duties of this position include maintaining and servicing scientific equipment, setting up new equipment, supporting the stocking of supplies and chemicals for the laboratories, and assisting with lab organization and cleanup efforts. The laboratory spaces of the Wyss Institute are in Longwood Medical Area in Boston, MA as well as in Cambridge, MA. Regular travel between these two sites is expected for this position. [48678BR]

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  • Staff Electromechanical Engineer- ATT
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking an energetic individual to work as a Staff Electromechanical Engineer within the Advanced Technology Team. Reporting to the Lead Senior Staff Engineer in Bioinspired Soft Robotics, the Staff Electromechanical Engineer assists and enables Wyss Institute faculty and researchers in their research and development efforts in the field of biologically inspired engineering. The incumbent will contribute to the design, fabrication, assembly, testing, control and optimization of various wearable soft robotic components and systems within the Institute’s technology platforms. [48813BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – DNA nanotechnology for microscopy and molecular interrogation
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a talented individual to work as a Research Assistant II in Peng Yin’s lab. The lab specializes in developing and applying DNA-based technology, including the application of DNA probes to transform biomolecular imaging and understand nano-scale organization.  The successful candidate may work on a variety of these “imaging” projects, applying molecular biology protocols to construct, amplify, conjugate, or assemble DNA components and in turn apply them to recording or imaging applications in vitro or in vivo. In conjunction with senior lab members, the RA will follow existing or help develop new protocols, manage equipment, reagents, and data, and have an opportunity to grow and work independently upon training. [48500BR]

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  • Research Assistant III – High-throughput Screening Technician
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeing a talented, creative, and enthusiastic individual to contribute to high-throughput screening for the discovery of novel classes of therapeutics focused on broadly reducing organisms’ metabolism. Using the Xenopus frog embryo model, the candidate will perform phenotypic screens in traditional culture systems as well as automated custom instrumentation in conjunction with the Microengineering team. The position will primarily involve embryo microinjection, standard and automated culture, time-lapse imaging, and collection of transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome samples for analysis. [48310BR]

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