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  • Research Assistant III – Tissue Culture/Bio-Manufacturing
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic individual to work as a research assistant in the Immuno-Materials (IM) platform, which focuses on making therapies more effective and practical by developing materials that interface with immune cells to boost, redirect, or suppress their function. The research assistant would work alongside Wyss faculty, researchers, and students in advancing the bio-manufacturing process of therapeutic T cell products using emerging material technologies. [47505BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – Biochemistry Technician
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a research assistant to aid our biostasis research program’s computer-assisted drug design team. The technician will work closely with the design team to experimentally validate new compounds in established biochemical assays. The candidate will organize and coordinate experimental techniques and lab tasks among team members. This position also allows the candidate to carry out microbiology and biochemistry experiments in collaboration with other team members. [47371BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – Immuno-Assay Development
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a Research Assistant II in the Immuno-Materials and Programmable Nanomaterials platform. This person will assist Wyss faculty and researchers in translating proof-of-principle experiments with major focus in immunology endpoints, from the laboratory to prototypes for commercially viable products. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, medical implants, drug delivery, immunotherapy of cancer and infectious diseases, delivery of DNA constructs and other biomaterials in vivo to understand mechanism(s) of action of such novel products. The candidate will have many opportunities to plan, perform, develop, as well as transfer immune cell based assays as appropriate, while characterizing biomaterial-based human therapeutics. [47315BR]

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  • Staff Engineer- Electrical
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a talented, creative, and enthusiastic individual to contribute to the design and construction of various low-power embedded electrical systems, instrumentation, and components for wearable robotic applications. The Staff Electrical Engineer will develop functional and technical requirements with an engineering and biomechanics team and interpret these into system specifications and prototypes. [47496BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – Animal Care
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a Research Assistant position in the Bioinspired Therapeutics and Diagnostics platform. The candidate will be part of a multidisciplinary team working on developing a number of state-of-the-art processes to improve the hemocompatiblity of medical device materials and to separate pathogens from infected blood. The candidate will be responsible for performing experiments with blood to determine hemocompatibility of the materials. In vivo studies will involve evaluating the biocompatibility and efficacy of materials in large animal models e.g. swine. Previous experience working with swine is preferred. In addition, the candidate will perform surface modification of medical devices and protein conjugation in order to characterize biocompatibility of devices. Additional responsibilities include immunoassays (ELISAs), microscopy, histology, flow cytometry, and molecular biology as well as assay development. The position will require the candidate to work in a multidisciplinary team of biologists, chemists and engineers, interact in a collegial and fluid manner with other scientists and staff at the Wyss Institute, present his/her work at weekly meetings and write appropriate scientific articles and patent applications. [47240BR]

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