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Department: Research and Technology Development

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  • Research Assistant III – Cell Culture
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking an enthusiastic Research Assistant III who will work to complete all cell culture, microscopy and associated molecular biology tasks and protocols. Reporting to the Principal Investigator in the Lewis Research Group with technical guidance from the bioprinting research team, the Research Assistant III will organize and coordinate cell culturing techniques and related lab tasks among Lewis Lab members. [52363BR]

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  • Staff Scientist I
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a creative and talented individual to join our team as a Scientist I to advance preclinical testing and modeling of the human immune system using organ-on-chip technology. This candidate will contribute to research programs in collaboration with industry partners or funded by philanthropic agencies. Current programs use the human lymph node chip and other immune models to identify effective vaccines and adjuvants. [52621BR]

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  • Staff Scientist II – Viral Vector Development
    Research and Technology Development

    We are seeking a talented, energetic professional to join our community as a Staff Scientist in the Synthetic Biology Platform. This position provides a unique opportunity to perform cutting edge, hands-on research relating to the design, creation, and testing of new gene delivery vehicles. With an emphasis on viral vectors and viral-like particles, the candidate will focus on a variety of interdisciplinary research directions including: engineering new viral vectors; creating strategies to target specific organs of cell types; Increasing the safety profile and enabling re-dosing strategies; developing new scientific tools such as next generation viral tracers; tailoring delivery for specific diseases or conditions, such as neurological diseases or brain injury [52447BR]

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