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  • Research Scientist – Microbiology and Cellular Devices
    Research and Technology Development

    Works with a collaborative team of academic, staff, and industrial researchers on developing rapid cell-based methods for the detection of nucleic acids, metabolites, and other entities using programmable biological components; contribute to ongoing efforts to develop broadly-applicable biological sensor and diagnostic devices. [42557BR]

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  • Staff Scientist – Immunotherapy
    Research and Technology Development

    Contributes to the discovery, development and translation of novel immune-therapies for the treatment of disease at the Wyss Institute; develops and conducts functional assays and utilizes models to validate the biological properties and therapeutic potential of Immunotherapy treatments; responsible for driving translational approaches to investigate and support our immunotherapy vaccine programs. [42385BR]

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  • Research Assistant IV
    Research and Technology Development

    Responsible for synthesizing, assembling and testing performance of a wide range of proprietary catalytic materials; builds appropriate experimental units for synthesis of nanostructured catalytic materials; sets up catalytic experiments in gas and liquid phases; measures and systematically logs the experimental parameters and catalytic performance; prepares research reports; participates in presentation and analysis of the data in collaboration with other internal and external researchers. [41839BR]

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  • Staff Scientist – Tissue and Organ Regeneration
    Research and Technology Development

    Leads ongoing initiatives towards the goal of whole organ bioengineering at the Wyss Institute; these studies entail primary and stem cell culture, tissue and organ assembly, maintenance and characterization of organs during maturation in bioreactors, and in vivo implantation; responsible for driving translational approaches to investigate and support our 3D Organ Engineering focus area. [41435BR]

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