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Department: Research and Technology Development

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Jobs 3

  • Research Assistant IV – Electromechanical Technician in Bioinspired Robotics
    Research and Technology Development

    Provides support to platform researchers and staff with electrical projects; designs, prototypes, and debugs customized circuitry for use in platform experiments; performs testing of prototypes and accurately and thoroughly documents experimental observations and protocols; purchases and maintains electrical test equipment, supplies, and trains users on electrical equipment. [44430BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – Lab
    Research and Technology Development

    Responsible for performing experiments with blood to determine hemocompatibility of the materials and separation of pathogens both in vitro and in vivo; in vivo studies will involve evaluating the biocompatibility and efficacy of materials in swine; previous experience working with swine is required. Performs surface modification of medical devices and protein conjugation in order to characterize biocompatibility of devices and efficacy of pathogen separation. [44453BR]

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  • Staff Scientist – Tissue and Organ Regeneration
    Research and Technology Development

    Assists in the development of large-scale organ-specific tissues, while working with a multi-disciplinary team that includes technical, clinical, and development collaborators; designs, engineers, and iterates organ-specific constructs based on insights gleaned from collaborating team members who are focused on identifying cell-cell, cell-matrix, and soluble/circulating factors that influence tissue growth and function, with the aim of producing translationally-relevant model systems that enable pre-clinical testing; contributes to the isolation and/or maintenance of primary and/or stem cell-derived cell populations. Candidate must have experience with mammalian cell culture and aseptic technique. [44057BR]

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