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Department: Research and Technology Development

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  • Research Assistant III – Animal Care
    Research and Technology Development

    We are looking for a motivated Research Assistant III to contribute to a multidisciplinary portfolio of research projects involving procedures of health monitoring, injections, blood sampling, survival surgery, post-operative care, and behavioral studies. Reporting to the Staff Veterinarian in coordination with Principal Scientist on the Synthetic Biology Platform at the Wyss Institute, you will be responsible for overseeing study animals, daily rounds, and observations to check animal health status; adherence to protocols and techniques at the animal facility; and performing and documenting experimental observations in rodent species. [58834BR]

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  • Senior Scientist – Biomaterials & Process Development
    Research and Technology Development

    We are looking for an innovative scientist/bioengineer with comprehensive understanding of process development toward pre-clinical and clinical studies and with analytical methods to monitor material quality. Reporting to the Platform Director, you will work in the design, synthesis, and characterization of a range of materials, including hydrogels, biopolymers, and nanoparticles, but with a primary focus on controlled, triggered or sustained delivery of drugs or biologics. You will be exposed to many different technologies in areas ranging from therapeutics and diagnostics to synthetic biology and materials science, with the goal to identify new product solutions and the unique opportunity to follow your passion either at the Institute or as a future co-founder of a Wyss start-up. [59006BR]

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  • Research Assistant II – Clinical Research Coordinator
    Research and Technology Development

    We are looking for a highly motivated clinical research coordinator to support the clinical studies at the Wyss Institute and across our collaborating institutions. Reporting to the Director of Clinical Research, you will be responsible for coordinating clinical studies and trials. [58595BR]


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  • Staff Scientist – Neuroscience
    Research and Technology Development

    We are looking for a talented Scientist to support the discovery and validation of novel antibody (Ab) shuttles that efficiently deliver therapeutic payloads across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and the development of human in vitro models of Alzheimer’s disease, along with their use to investigate the role of the BBB in Alzheimer’s Disease mechanisms and treatments. Reporting to the Senior Staff Scientist, you will work closely with a multidisciplinary team as part of our Bioinspired Therapeutics and Diagnostics platform. This team synergizes the strength of both in vitro cellular systems (Transwell and Human BBB Chip) and in vivo humanized transgenic mouse models to develop new approaches to brain delivery of therapeutics and diagnostics. [58779BR]

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